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About 99 Hope Road

99 Hope Road is a 360 ° structure which revolves around three axes: music label, show production, artist booking. She works internationally and more particularly on members of the Island of Reunion, where one of the founders, Guillaume Hoarau, also an artist, is from.

Our values ​​:

Driven by a passion for music, we support artists in a globalized approach.

Proud of our roots, we think of music as a vector that opens up to the world, nourishes the creative process and creates sharing, the encounter between people.


At the center of our approach: music, our cause and our passion, with as vectors the bridges that we create between Réunion and the rest of the world, to transmit and receive, as so many roads towards a professional future that we want to be promising for artists and their productions.


The development of a musical project is always an epic in a complex and ever-changing ecosystem. We believe that beyond the proven skills essential to a professional approach which alone can lead to success, such a project remains above all a human adventure based on passion, mutual commitment and entrepreneurship in the nobler: a pooling of means and know-how in the service of a common goal in an environment uncertain by nature, which we face together.

“Paname” Guillaume Hoarau – Sept 2020 

Guillaume Hoarau is a music lover.

Author, composer and performer, in September 2020 he signed his first official song “Paname”, a tribute to the city of Paris and to his years at PSG.

Passionate about Reggae and French song, he cultivates in his compositions, the art of mixing styles. With his varied influences, he delights in playing a repertoire that ranges from Alain Bashung to Césaria Evora. Proud of his career and his cultural heritage, through his musical projects he carries his label 99 Hope Road, the desire to unite and bring together as many people as possible.

Samora x Kaf Malabar x Wizdom x Dj Mimi

Kaf Malabar


Dj Mimi


Discover the meeting of the artists we support:




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