99 Hope Road | La Soirée VIP
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La Soirée VIP

About This Project

« La soirée VIP, the evening where all Reunion residents are in the spotlight. » St Leu – 2016

Through this event, our ambition is to develop the cultural influence of Reunion Island by supporting and promoting talents in the musical field while stimulating exchanges and collaborations between the island and the rest of the world.

On this occasion we invited local and international personalities as well as international media (United States, metropolitan France, South Africa, England …) to an exclusive five-day trip where meetings and visits to the most beautiful sites of the island were organized.

The program for this evening is in the image of the island: mixed.

Local artists rubbed shoulders on stage with an international headliner: Bob Sinclar, surrounded by local DJs Simon Sim’s, Terry Laird, Stéphane Mangloo, Yaya. The jam sessions, true moments of artistic emulation, help to strengthen the links between the artists (Ti coq Vellaye, Missty, Dominique Barret, Bernard Joron) and the public who have taken up pieces of Reunion’s musical heritage in chorus.